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Baseus GF3 Car Wash Spray Nozzle (Dark Gray)


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1. Double pressurization of telescopic water pipe + energy-gathering nozzle, strong water pressure, and range up to 8 meters
2. One-piece molding to prevent water leakage
3. One key to open, no need to long press, easy to operate
4. 3 times telescopic water pipe, it can automatically drain and shrink after use
5. The shape of the spray can be adjusted, which can be used for car washing, watering plants, pet bathing, etc.

Product parameters
1. Material: ABS
2. Dimensions: 158.3×130.5x35mm
3. Weight: about 119g
4. Water pipe material: explosion-proof TPE+polyester
5. Length of water pipe: 2.5m/5m (7.5m/15m after water instill)


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